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Concept-LAB is the all-in-one agency to enhance your online or printed communication. Our area's of expertise contains e-marketing, design and development. Our knowledge and approach is based on common sence. Your business or product will keep the crisp branding and will reach the specific target within budget, based on clear facts and figures. We are specialised in campaign launching and workflow automatisation. But any great succes, starts small ...

Concept-LAB was founded by Jeroen Spriet in 2001. We are the missing link in your Marketing, ICT and Usability projects. With a keen eye and a helicopter view we adjust any campagne to a next level.

Everyone is unique, so is your client! Within the right colormanagement and User Experience, we combine creativity and advanced technology. We ensure that everything remains easy to use, affordable and profitable.

My Creativity is
my extraction in life

what i feel, hear, see and enjoy


Designing is a challenge

to enhance the ease of use.


Wij zijn steeds op zoek naar nieuwe en betaalbare technologische oplossingen inzake de grafische industrie. Hierdoor is onze dienstverlening erg flexibel en goedkoop, zodat we nog beter op kwaliteit en creativiteit kunnen focussen.



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